A fun, fast and colourful trip through Cuba takes you right to the beating heart of this fiercely independent nation. Start and finish in rocking, retro Havana then swing through Santa Clara to learn about the man behind the iconic face you've seen on t-shirts and handbags (Che Guevara). You may just find it lights a revolutionary fire in your belly. If that's the case, you can cool down in the beaches of Trindiad and smoke a fat cigar in Vinales.


There’s a world of difference between Cuban life in the city and in the country, and you’ll learn all about it with a walking tour of Havana and strolls down the rural dirt roads of Vinales, watching the tractors, vintage cars and horse drawn carriages pass by

Discover the man behind the t-shirt with a visit to revolutionary Che Guevara’s Mausoleum and Museum

Music’s the fuel that makes Cuba move, so fill up on the rhythm and learn to move like a local

Get a hands-on experience with one of the country’s most famous exports; a tobacco farmer will teach you how to roll a cigar with his prestigious harvest