A perfect blend of beach and city, this express tour celebrates Cuba in all its glory. Stretch out on the soft white sand of Varadero, discover the history of Santa Clara, walk the cobblestone streets of Trinidad and soak up the magic of the country’s capital. This is a journey bursting with coastal beauty, aesthetic delights, cultural charm and friendly locals.


Stroll, swim or snorkel at the beaches of Varadero, Cuba's beloved 20-kilometre stretch of pristine coastline

Discover colonial Trinidad, where you can wander the cobblestone streets and mingle with cowboys, musicians and country folk

Trace the history of the Cuban Revolution. In Santa Clara you will visit the mausoleum of the revolutionary revolutionary hero Ernesto Che Guevara

A guided walk of Havana offers an insight into the difference between country and city life in this country

There's plenty of time to immerse yourself in Cuban music and dance, a heady mix of French, Spanish and African influences