Mexico’s throwing a party and everyone’s invited – even the dead! Travel from Oaxaca to San Cristobal del las Casas and pumping Playa del Carmen, taking in the after-dark antics of the famous Day of the Dead celebrations. Commune with spirits at a Oaxacan graveyard, wander through markets jangling with skeletons, and discover the ancient Aztec customs behind Mexico’s most iconic (and awesome) festival. After farewelling the dearly departed, explore mountains, check out some hidden Caribbean caves and then carve up the dance floor in Playa.


Party it up with the locals and discover why the dead are the life of the party.

The Mayan people and their culture are far from extinct! Visit the San Juan Chamula church and see it for yourself.

Relax in the brilliant azure waters of the Caribbean, swimming with sea turtles and exploring underground caves.