This all-encompassing trip takes you from the lush green slopes of Georgia's Mestia valley to the crowded spice markets of Istanbul. Reconnect with nature on hikes through wooded forests and past the mountainous Chaladi glacier. Indulge your inner history buff as you stand on the steps of the Blue Mosque, wander the ramparts of the Narikala Fortress, learn the secrets of Georgian cheese making and join the homely ruckus of a Turkish tavern.


This is the perfect trip for history buffs, taking in ancient historical sites from across Georgia and Turkey

Journey to the Svaneti region, a remote and alluring land of snow-capped mountains, where you'll discover medieval tower-houses and a fascinating local dialect

Get active on hikes to Georgia's Shkhara glacier in and Soganli Mountain in Turkey

Learn the art of preparing delicious kubdari during a cooking demonstration

Visit the picturesque lake of Uzungol, often described as the Switzerland of Turkey