Immerse yourself in another world on this in-depth exploration of Antarctica. Travel aboard the superbly equipped Ocean Endeavour and follow in the footsteps of the legendary explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton (though we’re guessing his vessel didn’t have a sauna). Set foot on the Antarctic Peninsula, spotting all sorts of wildlife from whales to penguins, and discover first-hand the story of Shackleton’s astounding ordeal on Elephant Island. This extensive expedition allows for a taste of the British-tinged Falkland Islands and more time in South Georgia, Antarctica’s own Galapagos, where penguins can number in the hundreds of thousands within a single colony. With optional adventures including ice camping and kayaking, and rare touches of five-star luxury thanks to an onboard spa and wellness centre, this is as good as Antarctic expedition travel gets.


With three weeks to explore not only South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula in depth, but also drop into the historic Falklands Islands, this Antarctica expedition sits on a rung of its own.

Freezing is great but freedom is better. Customise your trip with a wide range of optional activities on top of regular Zodiac excursions. Explore the water by kayak, sign up for a photography masterclass, rejuvenate with some onboard yoga and a massage, take a refreshing polar plunge or camp overnight like a true polar explorer.

Whereas most polar expeditions of this kind have a crew-to-passenger ratio of ten, fifteen or twenty to one, Intrepid expeditions on the Ocean Endeavour have an expedition crew member for every 8 passengers for a greater personal touch.

Our experienced leaders have made hundreds of polar voyages between them. They’re experts in marine biology, glaciology and Antarctic history, and they’ll share their knowledge throughout the journey during a comprehensive lecture program.

Rest assured that footprints are all you’ll leave behind. Your Antarctica expedition is carbon offset, and we serve only sustainably sourced seafood, avoid single-use plastics and use biodegradable and phosphate-free cleaning products.

Travelling solo? This is your perfect Antarctic adventure, with single cabins at the same price as some twins.