Kick off your Galapagos adventure in San Cristobal, where not much happens, so it’s lucky we’re not sticking around for long. Head on over to Isla Isabela, where tortoises roam free and sharks have their very own alley to chill in, go iguana spotting in Tortuga Bay, splash about with a raft of sea lions and pay your respects to the late, great Lonesome George, who was the world’s last Giant Pinta tortoise, in Santa Cruz.


Get a quick and dirty taste of Galapagos... well, maybe not dirty, but this short trip is jam-packed with adventure

Collect solid gold bragging rights after climbing Isla Isabela's volcano. The views don't get much better than this

Get up close and personal with the stars of the show: the Galapagos giant tortoises

Snorkel through underwater realms of freaky looking fish and sharks that don't actually bite