Turkey is often cited as the ultimate convergence of east and west – traditional spice bazaars, ornately adorned mosques thrown together with high speed, cross-country trains and bustling cosmopolitan cities. On this women’s only expedition, you’ll discover both the traditional and modern wonders of Turkey through the lives of the women who live here. From the ancient practices of an Ottoman-style hamam to the art of Turkish coffee fortune telling and even a visit to a Syrian refugee social enterprise, you’ll meet many extraordinary local women and experience what life is like through their eyes.


Hang out with some amazing Syrian Women and discover how they are trying to put their displaced lives back in order.  Learn how to make a pair of earrings, enjoy a very special lunch, share photos and experiences and make new friends.

Visit a local home and learn how to make the perfect cup of Turkish Coffee and then discover your future in the bottom of the cup.  Learn how this ability has been passed from mother to daughter to sister to aunt and for generations of Turkish Women it represents an inherited gift.

Discover your inner sea goddess on a cruise over a sunken city and a dip in crystal clear waters with your female skipper of course and man can this amazing woman cook then enjoy an overnight stay in an idyllic seaside village that time seems to have forgot.

Enjoy a local meal in Cappadocia in a cave home, and meet Nuray Abla, changing the face of women in tourism; a meal shared in this home with Nuray will be long remembered .....elinize saglik (health to your hands).

Join an altın günü a girl’s day out – gold day is strictly for women and where all the secret women business happens in Turkey.

Introducing Eskisehir a modern vibrant city, this picturesque Anatolian city is like the Venice of Turkey complete with Gondolas, join an altın günü a girl’s day out – gold day is strictly for women and where all the secret women business happens in Turkey. 

Soak you bones in an Ottoman Style Hammam and learn about this ancient woman’s ritual.