A place of miraculous conceptions, thwarted crucifixions, 40-year slogs through desert and a fair few stoushes – you could say Israel's seen quite a bit in its days. Reckon it might be time to come see what all the fuss has been about? Kick off your Israeli and Palestinian adventure eating your heart out at Jerusalem's lively Machane Yehuda Market. Walk the Ramparts for a different perspective of the Old City of Jerusalem. Hike the Iconic Masada Snake Path before taking a float in the rapidly evaporating Dead Sea. Head to Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity, and go on a Graffiti tour with your leader. Finish this short but sweet trip in cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, known for its nightlife.


Sample tasty local eats at the very cool Machane Yehuda Market where you can use your your bite card at any of the vendors

Kick back in our central hostel in Jerusalem, complete with movie room and rooftop terrace

Discover for yourself the town that everyone knows from the Christmas carol – Bethlehem – and find out about daily life in the epic city of Jerusalem as you chat with locals on the way to the Western Wall

Graffiti has filled the walls in Bethlehem by many artists over the years, including British Artist Banksy. Check it out on a walking tour with your leader

Float in the Salty waters of the Dead Sea

Take a birds eye view of the Old City of Jerusalem as you walk the Ramparts. Its a great way to get a sneak peek into places you'd never see otherwise & also a chance to take in the stunning views of the areas outside the wall

Hike the iconic Masada Snake Path for some epic views across the Dead Sea and Jordan