It's small, it's safe and it's stable – welcome to the Middle East's best snubber of convention. Kick off holiday times in Amman, snorkel in the Red Sea, head on to Wadi Rum and Petra before returning to Amman. Check out the Dead Sea, see Jerash and hang about town. Discover the highlight attractions and hidden secrets of Jordan.


Get a taste of the ancient and modern sides of Jordan with your enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable local leader, who’ll be heaps of fun too

Jordan – it’s got it all. History? How about 11,000 years of it. Culture? Oh, just incredible architecture, food and music. Scenery? City, beach and the desert. What more could you want?!

Sleep under the stars (or in a comfy tent) at a Bedouin-style camp in Wadi Rum

Only Petra’s Treasury is stunning enough to be the temple of the Holy Grail (well, according to Indiana Jones at least), and you’ll be blown away on a full day exploring the majesty and mystery of this world wonder