Journey into the wild west of Mongolia, where crystal clear lakes, snow-capped mountains and silky sand dunes tell you the legendary stories of nomads and nature. Listen to the mesmerizing music of khöömii (traditional throat singing), stay with nomadic families, spot ibex, argali sheep and even evidence of snow leopards, then join Kazakh eagle hunters to celebrate the opening of the season. This is an adventure that unveils the true nomadic spirit of a traditional life that's rare and hard to find in our modern world.


Travel to the far west of Mongolia where the landscape drastically changes from the largest sand dunes in the country, to crystal clear lakes, snow-capped mountains and pristine valleys.

Stay with a family in Chandmani, famous for traditional throat singing, and immerse yourself in this music that captures their love for nature, family and animals through this ancient art.

Spot ibex and argali sheep in the wild, even evidence of snow leopards, as well as have the opportunity for excellent bird watching at Khar Us Lake.

Visit UNESCO world heritage listed Mongolian Alpine petroglyph sites that tell prehistorical tales of the origin of the Mongolian culture.

Join a small and intimate celebration to open the eagle hunting season, visit a falconry school and join a hunter for a hike with his eagle.

Stay in traditional gers with nomads, share laughs and culture over Mongolian milk tea and traditional meals.

The proud capital of this legendary kingdom doesn't disappoint - see how Ulaanbaatar has is changing with the times while keeping its heritage and wild spirit alive.