The elusive Northwest Passage between Europe and Asia fascinated adventurers for centuries, and now you can become a modern-day voyager on the waters of the High Arctic. Fly from Canada to icy Greenland and begin a cruise that takes in the history, landscapes and wildlife of this last wilderness. Explore the country’s capital and look for the whales that swim offshore, then cross the Davis Strait to check out the art and culture of traditional Inuit communities. Hike to hilltops, search for whales and, inspired by the voyages of Arctic adventurer Sir John Franklin, sail into the fjords that mark some of the most isolated places on Earth. From polar bears to narwhals, birds to walruses, you’ll be surrounded by some of the Arctic’s most memorable wildlife. Uncover the secrets of this mysterious icy world on an active and immersive 17-day expedition.


Discover Greenland and the Canadian Arctic on an expedition that takes in everything from incredible landscapes and ancient cultures, to local history and unique wildlife

Explore Greenland’s colourful villages and shop for traditional Inuit handicrafts

Look out the Arctic’s impressive wildlife, including whales, walrus and muskoxen

Take hikes like no other on the tundra and discover the stories of the Arctic’s history

Jump into Zodiacs and kayaks to get even closer to the Arctic’s spectacular scenery of glaciers, fjords, icebergs and more