Just like a true arctic adventurer, throw away the itinerary and let wildlife and pack ice decide your route around Spitsbergen. Climb aboard for a unique cruise through fjords and along the western coast of the Norwegian Archipelago, getting expert help to capture on camera this incredible glacial and mountainous terrain. 24 hours of daylight will give you plenty of time to search for iconic arctic wildlife like polar bears and walrus, whales and seabirds, arctic fox and Svalbard reindeer. Your smaller ship means you can access areas others can’t, while also making Zodiac landings to hike the colourful tundra and photograph ice bears on the hunt. This one-off adventure is the perfect chance to bring back incredible images and memories of this unique untouched region.


There are more polar bears than people on Spitsbergen so there’ll be plenty of chances for ‘ice bear’ encounters

Take advantage of 24 hours of daylight, and an itinerary that follows the wildlife, for perfect polar pictures

Jump in Zodiacs to cruise up to towering glaciers and glistening icebergs, and land on the surprisingly colourful tundra

With tips and tricks from on-board photographic experts, you’ll be capturing the raw and rugged beauty of the Svalbard archipelago in no time