Take a cruise along the northwest coast of Spitsbergen and cross the 80th parallel into the Arctic Circle. On this trip you’ll enjoy all the experiences of an epic expedition, but in a fraction of the time. Like it’s polar cousin, the Arctic is one of the world’s last great wildernesses, and this is the perfect chance for those short on time to explore its mountains and glaciers, cliffs and fjords, and meet its thriving wildlife. Grab some binoculars and ready you camera as you set sail from Longyearbyen and watch huge chunks of glacial ice crash into the sea at Krossfjord, meet the Arctic’s indigenous wildlife at Ny London, and get close to the base of the Monaco Glacier. Jump in Zodiacs to land where polar bears roam, walruses take sanctuary, and beluga whales breech the sea surface. Find out about whaling history in Smeerenburg and feel small at the base of snow-capped mountains and massive glaciers in Magdalenafjord.


In just 6 days, get all the experiences of an epic arctic adventure

Take advantage of 24 hours of daylight to search for iconic arctic wildlife like polar bears, walrus and reindeer

Board Zodiacs to cruise up to towering glaciers and glistening icebergs, and make landings on the surprisingly colourful tundra

With kayaking adventures, take the chance to glide silently on the waters of the Arctic surrounded by icebergs and glaciers