Its neighbour might have the name, but Greenland is the true land of ice. Join an epic adventure to the extremes of Europe and discover a world of endless glaciers and glistening icebergs. Cruise from Akureyri around the southern tip of the world’s largest non-continent island and land at the abandoned settlement of Skoldungen, kayak silently between icebergs, and soak in the steaming hot springs of Uunartoq. You’ll meet the locals in small Greenlandic villages, discover 4,000-year-old history, and take Zodiacs to cruise deep into fjords and get close to glaciers creating icebergs. Beginning and ending in Iceland, this trip is the best way to sample this beautiful and dramatic country.


Meet locals along the west coast of Greenland and explore traditional Inuit settlements

Soak in the geothermal hot springs at Uunartoq while icebergs float by

Visit the dramatic landscape of Tasermiut fjord, known as ‘arctic Patagonia’

Admire the fast moving glacier at Ilulissat, a UNESCO world heritage site

Hike the tundra in the shadow of the towering mountains of Evighedsfjorden