Oh Germany, what can't you do? A land of history, fairytales, cobblestones, perfume, bratwurst, wine and beer, this is a country to fall in love with. Take a whiff of Cologne and its incredible cathedral then sample the local wines in Rudesheim. You'll have to drag yourself away though, because the Freiburg and the Black Forest is waiting, a region that inspired Hansel and Gretel and countless legends. Finish in Munich, one of Europe's prettiest cities, and indulge in what many would consider the best beer (and food) in the world.


Find out why people of Cologne are so proud of its city’s landmark, the mighty Cologne Cathedral.

Test your senses on a tour through three centuries of fragrance history in Cologne.

Explore Germany's answer to Tuscany during your stay in Rudesheim am Rhein, a wine-making town.

Explore the Rhine River on a morning boat tour to Koblenz.

Discover the dark, slightly sinister canopy of evergreen hills, valleys and rivers in the mighty Schwarzwald, also known as Black Forest. Taste the treasures of the region; local ham, black forest cake and bread.

Explore Munich, arguably one of the prettiest cities in Europe. Check out why beer halls are always full with locals during the included traditional Bavarian dinner.