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his is Tom MacLean - VP of Sales and Marketing for Travel Agency Tribes.

I'm doing another segment for online marketing for Travel Agencies, so whether you are a brick-and-mortar agency and you have your own website, you’re independent contractor and you have a whole host of business for travel travel agency - this is really devoted for you.

Distributing the Many Channels

This is all about how to properly promote your business even more using various forms of digital marketing, social media, to be able to to bring customers more to your environment (which is your website), so you want to bring customers back into your ecosystem.

So how are you currently doing that?

In the past traditionally other forms of traditional advertising are television, radio and newspaper advertising that have traditionally worked successfully over the many years.

However, the game is really starting to change with social media like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest

How are you using those other sorts of other social channel to be able to bring customers into your environment?

The nice thing about social media is probably a lot of it is free in terms of it doesn't cost you anything to post content on, the only thing it costs is your time.

So what is your strategy to be able to use those forms of social media and if you are, is it successful for you?

And if it's not successful, what is the reason?

A lot of times the reason might be, like for on Facebook, maybe you're not sharing content or posting content frequently enough in order for you to really get a good uptick on. For example, you should be posting at least one piece of relevant content every single day to your audience.

And with twitter, it is actually more frequent. You can tweet 10 or 12 times a day and that’s the sort of level of frequency that you want to put into those channels.

But obviously LinkedIn is another Avenue. Are you writing articles on linkedin? Are you sharing content?

Instagrams - how are you using Instagrams? Are taking lots of pictures? Are you getting or already connected with your customers? Are they sharing you? Are you there sharing photos? And those types of things.

The key thing is when you're sharing that content, you really should always have a link to be able to bring customers back into your environment and not into somebody else's that's not yours. So be careful with that.

The best practice is to have as much content linking back to your website.

So LinkedIn - it's a good avenue to reach people but keep in mind the goal is to bring people back into your environment. The same thing with Facebook, Facebook is also running ads along on your Facebook page.

It's a good avenue to be able to attract customers and bring them into knowing you, but you really don't want to be keeping your customer there - you want to bring them back to your website.

  • So when you're getting emails from different supplier, what are you doing with that content?
  • Are you deleting those emails or are you looking at it?
  • Are you seeing what would be an interest and then putting that content on your website?

If you have a facebook page and you have product content on there, you want to make sure that content is also on your website so that when customers on your Facebook page, they can click on it to take us right back to your website okay.

And on the website, you want to also make sure you have calls-to-action on it as well which is spoken in previous segments about regeneration.

Always add a call-to-action on there, such as 'get pricing schedule', 'like this trip' - things like that to be able to ask the customer and to be able to do something. And in requesting dates, that is, where they want to go dates, their contact detail names, email and phone number.

So that's it for this segment and i’ll have more future segments coming out shortly.

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