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his is Tom MacLean - VP of Sales and Marketing for Travel Agency Tribes.

This time I’m going to briefly talk about newsletters. I'm going to highlight a couple of key points:

  • Frequency of newsletters - how often should you be communicating with your customers.
  • Content - what are some contents you should put in your newsletters to keep your open rate engagement levels high.
  • Strategies on how to actually drive more inbound traffic towards your websites and utilizing your newsletters to be able to do that. So those are the key things.

How often should you be sending newsletters out?

I've talked to a lot of customers that we have and it's kind of runs the gamut. Sometimes I'll ask the question how frequently are you doing it? The right answer really is, you should be doing at least every two weeks to be able to communicate with your customers.

Keep in mind as an Agency owner, a home-based Agent, you're getting a ton of different email from a lot of different suppliers, you are probably getting about a hundred a day, your customers aren't getting that many emails so doing it on every two weeks is not bothering them.

One of the key things is good content - that's really the key thing. If you're giving them newsletters that really isn't of interest then yeah, they're going to look at it, they're going to delete it or not, you're probably not going to really going forward but if it actually does have interesting content, then you're going to keep your engagement level high.

What type of content should you actually be adding?

This is one of the key things - don't always sell. If you're always putting offers and you're just selling every single time and when you're sending newsletters out - its gonna turn customers off. It's just like if you put the TV on, all you saw is commercial, eventually you're going to turn the TV off. The same thing with products and offers, those are essentially just ads.

Customers aren’t are always looking to book travel, however, they're always looking to be educated on travel. So highlight engaging destination articles about different places like:

  • The top 5 restaurants in Rome.
  • Top 5 spas in Budapest places to go and have a whiskey when you're in Scotland.

Things like that are going to engage people that are going to give people inspiration for different travel destinations. However, you're not selling them but what you're doing is, you're actually staying in touch with them and you're speaking to them on a frequent basis providing them content that is of value. Those are important key things.

So we found the ratio and we say one third of it should be product offers, the other two-thirds should be the engaging travel articles, travel news and things like that.

The other point that I want to make is when you're putting together the newsletter and you've added all those different components, you're doing it on a bi-weekly basis, you're adding a lot of content that isn't just product offers but other engaging content is going to keep people interested.

How is That Content Displayed in the Newsletters?

It needs to be visual on a mobile phone - more customers are consuming information on smartphone more often now than on desktop computer. So you want to make sure that it's very easy to read there.

The other key thing is any content you’re having or a newsletter really should also be on the website so then when a customer is clicking on it, they're going to read it back on your site and what that’s doing, it’s going to drive a lot of inbound traffic back to your website.

The other key thing is when you're sending out newsletters, Friday was beyond the best day to be able to send the newsletters out. So any questions that you have, feel free to reach out.

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