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veryone wants to grow their business. If not, please stop reading this post.

Every single day for the last 6 years I've spoken to Travel Agency Owners, Marketing directors, V.P's of Sales, Travel agents, Consortia heads, etc. about one thing.

How to grow

Here's the problem.

Most companies aren't ready to grow.

I always start my partnership meetings off more or less the same way.

Explain to me how you market and drive sales currently?

Then I'd ask

These questions

1. What's your current customer acquisition cost?

2. What's the current lifetime value of the average customer in your database?

3. What are your current new customer acquisition strategy/strategies

4. What strategy or strategies do you presently use to prevent turn and retain customers

5. What's your reactivation strategy for customers on your database that are not yet booked?

6. How are you adding value to the travel transaction? What are some of your unique selling advantages?

STOP.. Wait a minute

Close your eyes for a second, think of the biggest companies in your space.

Got em pictured? Awesome!!! Guess what? Every single one of those organizations has the above strategies down to a science, and know those first two numbers cold.

Scaling and growing is not a fluke. It's not an " Oh I put a video up on Youtube one day, and it went viral.

Zenefits 1 to 100 million in 24 months = Systems

Echosign 0 to 144 million in 7 years = Systems

Hubspot 100 million in revenue and a Billion Dollar Valuation = Systems

Priceline 52 Billion dollar market cap ( Up 5% as I write this ) = Systems

The result they scale and grow exponentially

Once you can answer those questions, all you have to do is put the right systems in place to execute them.

Simple right?

If you're like me, systems can be a scary word. I can, however, tell you companies don't scale without the proper systems in place.

I have good news, if you've made it this far, own a travel agency or tour operator we have created a system that can help.

Interested in Hypergrowth?

Want to create predictable sales pipelines

Make sales more scalable

Turn your team into marketers

Double your transaction size

Find customers with 5 figure LTV's

Reactivate dormant customers

Bad news
All my best,

How to Deal with Difficult Travel Customers and Questions

How do you wiggle out of difficult situations when you are handling your travel customers?

We help grow your business.