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The chances of closing a lead increase by over 85% when you follow up at least 12 times with the customer - IBM

you did everything right with the content and calls to action, leads will start coming in. Slowly at first, but then more regularly - a few a week or more, depending on the amount of content you have. Here’s how to follow up (nurture) these leads.

Now that you have leads coming in, here’s what you need to do with everyone coming in.

Add them to your mailing list
Get this person on your mailing list (we’ll talk about newsletters later).

Automatically respond
Send a “Welcome to our agency” email immediately as they finish. Your web software should be sophisticated enough to do this. Keep the email simple, as if you wrote it — no fancy graphics or formatting.

Just simple text with your name and email address so they can hit reply and contact you.

Here’s a sample:

Note that we did not say “I’ll contact you in 24 hours” or anything like that, just a simple welcome and a request for more information.

It avoids the form letter approach and seems to come from a real, breathing human.

Don’t go crazy with titles, long signatures or anything like that. This automated letter should seem as if it came from your desktop.

Send destination information
You know where they are going, why not send them a free travel guide, or quick links to some of your recommendations for that destination? This builds your trust — do it a few hours later, and follow up with at around 12 emails. Studies show that it takes at least 12 “touches” to get someone to buy.

Do your thing
Whether you like to call or email, its time to do that as soon after you get the lead as possible.

See what we did here?

You’ve immediately followed up on the customer. prepped them with destination information and spoken to them.

If your destination content drip campaign is doing its job they will be continually receiving destination over the next several days, which preps them and keeps you in mind while they are deciding who to use for the trip.

Additionally, for the next year you’ll be sending them at least a weekly newsletter with great travel info that gets them ready for that next trip.

Following up never, ever stops.

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