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Industry News: Start 2018 With the Right Tools and Attitude
We have compiled a host of reasoned business tips from industry experts, and in our opinion, if you put some or all of the tips into practice, there is no reason why your business won’t thrive.

t Travel Agency Tribes, we have been doing research on the things that will not only keep travel advisors in business but also grow their travel consultancies into multi-million businesses in 2018.

In this kit, we have compiled a host of reasoned business tips from industry experts, and in our opinion, if you put some or all of the tips into practice, there is no reason why your business won’t thrive.

Believe in Yourself and Your Team!

“As travel agents, we need to believe in our usefulness in the travel industry. For example, the baby-boomer generation is about to retire. There has never been a more interesting time to be a travel advisor than in 2018.”

~ Meredith Hill, Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs

Become Better at Follow-up

“In 2018, I need to become better at follow-up. I’ll come up with a schedule to call or email my clients immediately they are back from a trip. I guess I can learn how to do things better with their feedback.”

~Laura Small Avital, Mill Brook Travel

Personalized Services and Marketing Automation

“I’ll become more personal with my clients. I want to know which state my clients come from, what is their favorite travel type, and do they have kids? What are the kids’ names? Will they travel with their pets? To do all this, I need some form of marketing automation.”

~Will Medina, Love Shack Vacations

Be Innovative

“The cruising niche is growing like never before. Cruise ships are coming with new designs and groundbreaking entertainment. Your travel agent skills are needed to sift through the available options to give your customers the best.”

~Karen Quinn-Panzer, Dream Vacations Quinn Panzer Travel

Focus on Your Niche

“Since I am a family travel specialist, I have seen new and exciting opportunities such as discounted family cruise vacations. These cruise shops come with theme parks, race tracks, and laser tags. I guess being focused pays.”

~ Margie Lenau, Wonderland Family Vacations, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Learn Continuously

“I am the first to admit that travel consultants are thriving. The internet has enabled new business models and niches to thrive. This is a fascinating time to be part of the industry…the only thing you need is flexibility and continuous learning.”

~ Samarah Meil, Amarillo Travel Network

Know Your Business

“Travelers won’t come to you for the same chaotic information available on Google. They want specifics. They want to know which option will give them the most value.”

~ Julien Ziadeh, travel agent in Lebanon

Absolute Dedication and Passion for Travel

“People don’t just travel. There is always a motivation behind the travel and thus to help your clients satisfy their motivation for travel is the highest honor a person can bestow on you. Travel consultancy is not just a career.”

~ Jenn Lightfoot Myers, Expedia CruiseShipCenters

“Do you love to travel? Does your family love to travel? You already have a client base. Learn to soak in details, plan trips and share the experiences after a trip. Next, you need to develop business ethics and the skills to translate someone’s dream vacation into reality and you’ve got yourself a thriving travel consultancy!”

~ Yu Kailin, Legion M, El Toro

Target the Baby Boomers

“The Baby Boomer generation is rich and starting to retire this year. Help them tick off items on their bucket list and your travel consultancy will thrive.”

~Laurie Ann Delaney Bahna, Cruises Inc.

Use Social Media Creatively

“I have been in this business for 35 years. Initially, it was very hard to reach new clients. With social media, you can literally reach thousands of potential customers for free or for a small fee. 2018 is poised to be more interesting as we learn new ways of using social media to engage our customers.”

~ Mike Price, Lighthouse Travel

Get Firsthand Feedback from Your Customers

“What an exciting time to be a travel advisor! I plan to use the social media to get to the forefront of customer experience. I am sure with the customer feedback, my business will do better.”

~ Daniel Lodrigue, Adelman Travel

Overall, it looks like 2018 will be a great year for travel advisors if the sentiments of the above travel consultants and experts are anything to go by.

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