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How to Serve Instead of Transacting
It takes the regular travel agent the Travel Agency Tribes’ (TAT) 3-step action plan to become successful.

uccessful businessmen in the travel industry will tell you that once you have an awesome customer care strategy, the travel dollars will follow you.

It takes the regular travel agent the Travel Agency Tribes’ (TAT) 3-step action plan to become successful. Below are the highlights of the action plan.

Step One: Make It Really Easy For the Clients

What Do You Need From the Customers and By When?

Establishing a clear communication channel with the customers is very important. Never assume they know what you need. The best way to go about this is to create a spreadsheet that they can fill in the details for you.

Clients Hire You to Make the Process Easy and fun

If planning a trip was fun and easy, there would not be any reason to have travel agents. Sorry…but you are supposed to do the grunt work for your customers as they enjoy their hard earned vacation. That’s why they pay you. So work for them with a happy smile and they will keep coming back.

Communication with the Customer

Many travel agents make the mistake of sending out all their requirements from a customer in one email. This is overwhelming even for the most patient customers. You don’t want them to put off answering your email because it is too long. Try dividing items in batches of three for the customers to consider.

Step Two: Master Your Sales Pitch

Connect with customers and find out how they learnt about your travel agency

The best way to connect with the customers is to open a communication line. You can, for example, write a short email:

“Hi, Edward? We are glad to know we can help you plan for your next trip. Let’s talk more about the trip. Ps: would you be kind to let us know how you heard about us?”

Ask the client the type of trip they want to take

The best way to ensure you plan a trip that matches the customer’s expectations is to ask them to give you details of the trip. Things such as preferred airlines, hotels/resorts, ground transportation, preferred destination, and activities etc. are what you should include in the trip plan.

Ask the client what their budget is

If they don’t have one, give them some ranges based on the destination they prefer and the kind of the trip they want to have.

Get to know the customer better

What are the specific things they want to do at their preferred destination?

Use your knowledge to give recommendations and tips

When you are preparing the trip plan for your customers, it is best you thoroughly research the destination. This way, you will be able to proffer tips and recommendations that will either save your customers some money or give them a better vacation experience.

Request for your planning fee or service agreement fee so as to sign them up as a clients

Before you start putting down the actual trip plan, it is recommended that you either ask for planning fee or get down as service agreement signed by both parties. This way, the customer will not abandon you halfway if they get cheaper options.

Step Three: Track/Measure Your Results

Your opt-In stats

People that visit or sign-up on any of your marketing campaigns are called opt-ins or leads. You should pay close attention to leads because if they are nurtured properly, they will become paying customers.

Social media stats

To measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns, you will need to track stats such as user engagement, shares, reach and likes.

Web stats

You will also need to establish if your website is serving its purpose though statistics such as the total page visits, the bounce rates, and the session (how long they stay). This data will help you tweak the website to enhance the user experience.

Bookings stats

You will need the details of the no of free consultations you get, new signups and dollar amount of each new booking. This information will help you establish whether the travel agency is making money or not.

At Travel Agency Tribes, we have used the above 3-step action plan to improve the customer experience and overall company profitability. You don’t have to do all the above. We can help you achieve your travel agency dreams. Click here to talk to us.

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