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Emerging Trends in Travel Agency Content Marketing Part 2
Creating an authority where Google will send web traffic to your website is not easy. Fortunately, once you understand the parameters, you are halfway to being a great content marketer.

nderstand the Google Ranking Parameters

The use of machine learning on artificial intelligence allows Google to change its ranking parameters frequently. For your travel agency’s content to start ranking, you must first create well-researched content and then augment this with your knowledge of Google’s ranking parameters.

Creating an authority where Google will send web traffic to your website is not easy. Fortunately, once you understand the parameters, you are halfway to being a great content marketer. Among the parameters that Google finduseful in 2018 include;

  • Well secured websites (HTTPS instead of HTTP)
  • Mobile-friendly websites
  • Page load speed
  • Schema markup
  • Content quality and length (long form content is preferred)
  • Social buttons
  • Backlinks's quality
  • Optimized images
  • Domain age

Click here to get over 200 ranking factors that Google is using in 2018.

Content Created by Users for Users

Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter have been mining their user’s content to understand what’s trending in the said user’s circles. They use the mined information to create both informational blogs and news articles.

By having a very active social media presence, a travel agent will have a platform on which he can engage with the customers directly. Google looks favorably on a website whose content generates a lot of likes and shares.

Do not be tempted to use a lot of paid links. Google has recently adopted an increasingly negative position about paid links because people with enough cash can buy a lot of links to get favorable ranking by Google.

Time on Page is Supreme in 2018

Links and uninteresting and irrelevant content will not work with Google’s smart algorithms. Informative and unique content keeps users on your page, and this translates to better search engine ranking and user engagement.

Skyscraping Techniques

Modern travel marketers are developing content around old content. Here is the trick: you find old content that generated a lot of user engagement and find what your users were particularly interested in.

You then go ahead and create content that is more valuable to your community based on their feedback. Targeting your community with the content they are looking for increases user engagement and establish your website as an authority.

The Inevitability of Content Overload

North Americans are bombarded with marketing content. Travel agents are finding it harder to differentiate their products from the completion.

The best way to break the monotony is to mix-up your content in the ratio of 1:2:3 i.e. for every 1 piece of marketing content you publish, you should have 2 general industry pieces and 3 interesting travel stories.

To further break the monotony, mix text with videos, infographics, GIFs and great images.

Enhance Your Publishing Options

While your travel agency website is still the primary publishing platform, you should look for other publishing platforms to get your content out and boost the chances of customers visiting your website.

Your content marketing strategy should also include social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr etc.

In conclusion;

After every publishing calendar, you should ask yourself this question; is the content delivering the results that I anticipate or do I need to change strategy? Your expected ROI should determine how much more resources you should dedicate to content marketing.

If you are looking for help with content marketing, contact us today and we will get you going in the right direction in no time.

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