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his is Tom MacLean - VP of Sales and Marketing for Travel Agency Tribes.

Most established travel agencies that are pressed for time have to choose between marketing and selling. This is a "no-brainer"; selling tends to take precedent as this translate to immediate revenue. In other words real money.

Newsflash selling is short-term; marketing is long-term. Consistent Marketing is what keeps the pipeline with a steady stream of customers to sell to. Little or no marketing will eventually lead to little or no selling in the long-term.

If you are in the business for a while, then it is vital to replenish your customer base consistently. Some of your existing customers will get too old to travel and some will eventually make the transition to another world. The only solution to this dilemma is Consistent Marketing. That is where Travel Agency Tribes can help.

  • We will do your newsletters on a consistent basis.
  • We provide content for the newsletters.
  • We provide you with a consistent social media presence.
  • We ensure your website is updated with new and current content on a regular basis.

We make the time to do what you don't have the time to do. We provide the opportunity to scale your business through consistent marketing.

In such a saturated and competitive business such as the travel industry word of mouth and referral just won't do anymore. If you are to be successful and have a strong online presence ten to twenty years from now consistent marketing is your only option.

The travel industry is suppose to double over the next ten years. Your business should be on the same trajectory if you are maximizing your marketing and selling potential equally. If you find your business flat lining then this is the first red flag that there is a leak in your business. As with all leaks it will eventually cost your pocket greatly.

This is where we are the expert. We allow you to concentrate on your core competency; consulting and selling without sacrificing marketing opportunities.

  • We add effective call to action on your websites.
  • We will add social media share options
  • We will publish bi-weekly newsletter the second and fourth Friday of each month. You can submit up to two original content to be publish in the newsletter. It could be a promotion, a blog, a v-log etc.
  • Content in the newsletter will be posted on your social media sites and your websites.

We arrange everything with an inbound marketing strategy.

What is an inbound Marketing Strategy

Your website is your home environment. We want to bring everyone to that environment. Whichever channel your customers are on when they click on that content it takes them directly to your website. The same thing happens with the newsletters. This have the effect of driving more traffic to your website.

This is just one link in the chain to success. If you have alot of traffic and it doesn't generate any leads then the traffic would not have achieve its aim.

This is where we become vital to your success. We ensure that effective call to actions are on your website.

If you have read this piece and think we are the right team to grow your business you are welcome to a free consultation. We will sit with you and analyze where you want to take your business and tailor a package that is ideal for you.

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We help grow your business.