Excellent work in the development and production of our new website!

We want to thank you and your team at Travel agency tribes for your excellent work in the development and production of our new website www.letstakethekidstravel.com

Let's Take the Kids' original website, an in house production, was still functional after 10 years but was in need of updating.

We are a small Boutique agency specializing in family vacations. We had spent considerable time over the past couple of years debating among ourselves and discussing a website revision with several companies.

No one seemed to understand our particular needs. We dragged our feet and made do with the site we had. as we continued to rank high on the major search engines

Then out of the blue, came a call from Ryan McElroy to Edmundo..

Edmundo was very enthusiastic and insisted that we do a conference call with Ryan who very quickly succeeded in convincing us to work with Travel Agency Tribes.

Our website has been live for approximately 2 weeks. We have not as yet advertised this fact, but have already had almost daily correspondence from new leads .

Thank you so much from all of us.

Warna, Edmundo, Alex
Lets Take The Kids Travel Agency

by Angelina Penkova on 05/08/2013 in