Capture the spirit of Burma and Thailand on this two-week journey from Yangon to Bangkok. Visit the holy site of Shwedagon Paya, see ancient stone carvings at Kawkune cave, count one thousand Buddha statues in Lombumni Garden, visit a Buddha meditation centre on Shampoo Island, take a ferry out to Bilu island and pay respect to the POWs who suffered on Death Railway during WWII. Lose yourself in the history, culture and spirituality of the region. Meet lively locals, visit vibrant cities, discover beautiful cultures and taste some of the best food on the planet. TRIP CHANGES FOR 2016: Following the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej a 1 year mourning period has been declared in Thailand. In the first 30 days all government offices will fly the Thai flag at half-mast and there will likely be restrictions on the opening hours or selling of alcohol at entertainment venues including pubs and clubs. If your trip is before mid-January 2017 and includes a visit to the Grand Palace, this activity will be replaced with an alternative as the Palace will be closed to tourists while people from all over Thailand pay their respects to the King. Your leader will discuss this and any other changes with you at the Group Meeting on Day 1. As this is an emotional time for Thailand and its people we ask that our travellers wear dark coloured clothing over the next 30 days as a mark of respect to the much loved King.


Witness Myanmar's famous Golden Rock bathed in the light of sunrise, and watch as pilgrims come to worship this gravity-defying wonder

Get a taste of local village life, interacting with Mon communities as you explore Mawlamyine

From both sides of the border, learn the history of the Thai–Burma Railway and the prisoners of war and Asian slave labourers who perished during its construction

Visit the charming fishing village of Dawei. Relax on the beach, then join a local family for some delicious home-cooked cuisine

Escape to Ogre Island for a fascinating snapshot of local cottage industries