Be charmed by Cambodia and Vietnam on this 17-day adventure from picturesque Phnom Penh to alluring Hanoi. Stroll along sunny shores in Kep; learn about Cambodia’s turbulent past; be awestruck by the temples of Angkor; relax by the river in Hoi An and soak up the sights of Hanoi. This journey abounds in unforgettable history, enchanting culture, charismatic cities and divine natural beauty.


Discover the highlight attractions and the rich traditions of Cambodia and Vietnam. This adventure covers the famous destinations plus a few gems off the beaten trail

The gorgeous French facades of riverside Kampot are only the beginning. Explore the surrounding countryside, visit the Kampot Pepper Project, discover a hidden cave temple and stroll along Kep Beach

Get behind the scenes of small industry in and around historic Battambang, from pottery and silversmithing to sticky rice and fish paste production

Explore the amazing Angkor archaeological complex in depth, with two full days to appreciate the magic of Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat, the Bayon and more

Halong Bay is a strange paradise of green waters and rocky islands. Enjoy a cruise through the beautiful landscape and indulge in the bay's fresh seafood

Go back in time at the ancient trading port of Hoi An. Experience the blend of influences from Europe and Asia, the nearby beaches and markets