The many islands of Indonesia are scattered like gems across the Indian Ocean, hidden oases of tropical rainforests, wildlife and warm people ready to open their hearts and their homes to visitors. The islands are fantastical places where soaring volcanoes hold a fuming watch over charming seaside towns, and where ancient tribes keep their traditions in deep rainforest valleys. Hunt for legendary Komodo Dragons, snorkel through colourful coral reefs, and walk across beaches of black, pink and white sands. Full of energy, charisma and plenty of shimmering sunlight, Indonesia’s “flower island” will leave with memories you’ll carry for a lifetime.


Explore the less-known Indonesian island of Flores and experience the traditional ethnic cultures that live here

Climb Mt Kelimutu before sunrise and watch its dazzling crater lakes shift colour in the morning light

Pay a visit to the stunning 17 Islands Marine Park outside Riung and snorkel among the vibrant sealife and coral

Hike through lush rainforests to Wae Rebo. Meet the local community and spend a night in a traditional conical hut. 

Keep your eyes peeled on the lookout for prehistoric Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island