You've heard it here first: there's a lot more to Papua New Guinea than the Kokoda Trek. Not only is Australia's closest neighbour one of the world's most culturally diverse countries, it's one of its least explored and understood. A famously crabby geography is largely to thank for these distinctions. Rivers, valleys, gorges, mountains, volcanoes, lagoons and inlets carve up the country like its nobody's business, making for an environment where different cultures have been able to develop in virtual isolation from each other – not to mention the outside world. For the visitor, the most striking evocation of this comes in the form of a traditional ceremony. And this trip, designed to get you into the guts of PNG, takes in some of the best. Sign up for this trip and you'll catch the reenacted canoe landing that kicks off the Kinavai Ceremony, see the vibrant masks and costumes of the Rabaul Mask Festival on July departures and watch grown men dance through flames at the Baining Fire Dance. Encounter local village life in Matupit Island, visit war relics in Kokopo Town and take to boat for a cruise around the Duke of York Islands.


Marvel at an active volcano, tuck into a shoreline barbeque and experience a traditional sing-sing in the Duke of York Islands

Discover how the World Wars played out in the Pacific. Visit the War Museum in Rabaul and head underground for a tour of the Japanese tunnels in Kokopo

Be mesmerised by the chants of the Kinavai ceremony as the canoes paddle across the magical dawn

There's nothing in the world like the Bainings fire dance. Watch as men engulf themselves in flames to the beat of the bamboo drum and escape unharmed

Gain an insight into small village industry on a day trip to the tiny Matupit Island

Relax and unwind at the plush Rapopo Plantation Resort when it's all over