Take the family on an adventure that explores the biggest, best and most iconic sights of the West. Starting in the home of the rich and famous; star spot in LA and take to the beach in San Diego before exploring the sizzling desert and awe-inspiring Grand Canyon. Discover the bright lights of Las Vegas then get active and look out for bears in Yosemite. Get a culture hit in cosmopolitan San Fran and get closer to nature in Monterey. Share wonders and fun with the family on a trip you’ll never forget.


Rub shoulder with the celebs while walking down Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles' Beverly Hills

Try and think of a word that can properly describe the amazing sight of the Grand Canyon. Camp in the wilderness, rise early to see the sun light up the rock, then head below the canyon rim to explore its depths

If you want it, Vegas has got it! Be energised by the bright lights and endless entertainment options in this oasis of fun in the desert

Channel your inner cowboy as you explore the rugged Wild West, home to westerns, moon-like landscapes, and much more

Yosemite is the definition of natural beauty. Two nights camping gives you loads of time to seek out bears, crane your neck to look up at incredibly tall trees, and walk to towering granite cliffs and through wildflower valleys

Head underwater to come face-to-face with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s outstanding sea life, then hop in a kayak to seek it out in the wild

End this American adventure in the bustling melting pot of San Francisco and take a walk across the world’s most iconic golden bridge