Every state has its own unique story to tell, and you’ll hear it in the fun and colour of Nevada’s Las Vegas, in Arizona’s legendary Grand Canyon and sacred Monument Valley, and the many thousand-year history of Utah’s Mesa Verde. Be wowed by New Mexico's tales of mysterious caverns and UFO sightings, and hear Texas boast of San Antonio's frontier fables and Houston’s up and coming foodie scene. Hear how New Orleans is back to its vibrant best after disaster, and move to the lyrics of Memphis and Nashville's musical legacy. The Appalachian Mountains are just one in a long library of incredible landscapes across this country, while Washington D.C. lies open like one giant history book. This epic tale comes to a close in the Big Apple, and you'll head home with so many stories to tell.


Enjoy a full day to explore Washington DC. There's lots to see and do in the US capital, and most of it is free. Visit the White House, Capitol Hill and the National Mall, and feel small next to the statue of Abraham Lincoln

The cities of Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans are notorious for their rich music and nightlife scenes. See live performances of blues, jazz, country and rock in celebrated musical venues

The iconic sandstone formations of Monument Valley have played backdrop to many a cowboy western. Learn about Navajo culture and history during a jeep tour of the park, before spending a unique night in a traditional hogan hut

The Grand Canyon needs no introduction. Camp for two nights in the national park, allowing a full day to explore, a chance to see an incredible canyon sunrise, and maybe fly overhead