Kick-off with the good vibes of New Orleans, cross the mammoth state of Texas – with mega-city Houston and historic San Antonio – and enter the strangeness of New Mexico, home to UFO sightings and ‘the city different’ Santa Fe. Behold the breathtaking desert landscapes of the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, then enjoy the decadence of Vegas. Swap desert for the mountains of California, enter the perfect natural world of Yosemite, then hit the California coast – simply one of the most amazing drives in the world. In a country that's all about the big, the bold, the beautiful and the bizarre, this trip is a real showcase.


The flexibility of this trip allows you to plan your own activities to suit your pace and budget with minimal inclusions

Towering granite cliffs, cascading waterfalls, redwood forests and epic night skies - Yosemite National Park feels like utopia. While other tour groups breeze through in a day, you'll spend two nights in the park, allowing for a full day of hiking and exploring

For many, Death Valley conjures up images of a flat and barren wasteland. Be surprised by the park's ethereal landscapes of sand dunes, water-sculpted canyons, extinct volcanic craters and, in the spring, fields of wildflowers

The iconic sandstone formations of Monument Valley have played backdrop to many a cowboy western. Learn about Navajo culture and history during a jeep tour of the park, before spending a unique night in a traditional hogan hut

Tightly hugging the spectacular California coast, Highway 1 is simply one of the most amazing drives in the world. This trip allows you to focus all your attention on the incredible views and let someone else do all the driving