Herds of bison slowly graze their way across golden prairies under the icy watch of snow-capped mountains. Welcome to North America's wild Old West, home to some of the country's most stunning national parks and environments. Spot bears and wolves on a trek across Yellowstone National Park, come face to face (literally) with the giant presidents of Mount Rushmore, and spend a night camping under the stars in the shadow of the Devils Tower. Learn the stories of the Native Americans and meet real cowboys on this incredible adventure across the American Rockies. 


Spanning three National Parks, two National Monuments, and a collection of State and County Parks, this is a must for nature lovers

Spend an evening on the banks of the Mississippi, Huckleberry Finn style, and rent a canoe to paddle along the famous river

Spend two nights in Yellowstone and keep your eyes open for bison, bears and even rare grey wolves

Take a scenic drive through the spectacular snow-capped mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers of Grand Teton National Park, one of America's natural treasures

End the trip in the bustling, lakefront city of Chicago. It's one of America's most attractive cities

Witness some of America's roadside kitsch at places such as Wall Drug, Corn Palace and the Spam Museum