The aurora borealis occurs when highly charged electrons from solar winds interact with elements in the earth's atmosphere, and on this Alaskan adventure you’ll be heading out in the middle of the night to find this natural phenomenon. Enjoy the natural wilderness and rugged terrain of Talkeetna and Denali National Park as you fill your days spotting moose, wolves, bears and caribou. When it all gets too much, take a dip in the calming, soothing waters of the Chena Hot Springs. Haven’t had enough wildlife? Stroll with some reindeer in Fairbanks.


The aurora borealis is the best lightshow on Earth, and one most people will never see. This trip is your exclusive ticket, and completely worth the cold snap and late nights

Experience the magic of a remote Alaskan winter, as you stew in outdoor hot springs with snow falling around you

Take a guided snowshoe hike through the hushed taiga forests of Denali National Park. Pass frozen lakes, witness rangers patrolling on dogsleds and stay on the lookout for caribou in the wild

They may not fly, but a walk through frozen boreal woods with frolicking reindeer evokes everything you remember about Christmas