In 1946 some Lacandon Maya led archaeologist Giles Healey to the ruins of Bonampak, deep in the jungles of southern Mexico. It turned out to be one of the great discoveries of the 20th century. But Healey wrote of another city, much deeper in the jungle, covered in mysterious frescoes – a city that hasn’t been seen since. Welcome to your mission: an expedition with a native Lacandon guide and local archaeologist to trace Healey’s steps and discover some of the lesser known Mayan sites. Machete your way through the Mexican jungle, raft forgotten rivers, camp beneath the trees and explore some of the finest Maya architecture ever discovered (if you want to bring your Indiana Jones fedora and whip, we won’t hold it against you.)


Trace the footsteps of explorer Giles Healey through the Mexican jungle

Travel with a Lacandon Mayan guide and an expert archaeologist

Trek and raft through dense forest, home to hidden Mayan cities

Camp outside a rarely explored and still unnamed Mayan site

Visit Teotihuacan, the country’s ancient Aztec capital

Explore the markets and cobbled streets of Oaxaca

Taste traditional ‘elote’ in San Cristobal de las Casas