There are three ways to get to the abandoned city of El Mirador, deep in the Guatemalan jungle: by helicopter (Mel Gibson’s preferred mode), on horseback, or on foot. On this new Intrepid expedition, we take the third option (with the help of a couple of trusty mules) and trek through over 60 kilometres of thick jungle to this fascinating Maya city. After all, taking the easy option has never been our style. Get acquainted with the colour and beauty of Guatemala as we visit Antigua and Panajachel, cruise the wide Rio Dulce river, and wander the tiny streets of Flores – and that’s all before the trekking part begins. Uncover the history of early Central American life, learn about the flora and fauna in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, and explore the massive ancient structures – including one of the largest pyramids on earth – at the mysterious El Mirador complex.


Paddle around the magnificent Lake Atitlan by kayak

Venture into Antigua’s bustling Central Market and sample fresh fruit and local delicacies

Spend five days trekking in the jungle – it’s about as close to nature as you can get (so don’t forget your mosquito repellent!)

Watch the sunset over the jungle from the top of an ancient pyramid

Go off the grid. Unlike some of Central America’s more famous Maya sites, the ruins at El Mirador are well off the tourist trail