The history of Mexico is one that spans over three millennia, with a complex system of indigenous civilisations dominating the land for more than 13,000 years prior to Spanish colonisation in the 16th century. Explore a place where history and modern life collide with thrilling results, a place where Aztec temple ruins sit side by side with bustling suburbia in the heart of Mexico City at Templo Mayor and a place where art, music and traditional culture interweave seamlessly. Explore ruins at Teotihuacan and Tzintzuntzan, discover life in a ‘Pueblo Magico’ (Magic Village) as you travel the countryside, taste tequila in Guadalajara and visit cathedrals and historical sites as you explore on this Mexican adventure.


Stand at the foot of the mammoth Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan

Explore the historic streets of Mexico City on a walking tour of the city

Spend a day exploring the World Heritage-listed city of San Miguel de Allende

Brush up on your art history in the museum of Diego Rivera’s house in Guanajuato

Visit a ‘Pueblo Magico’ at Santa Clara del Cobre

Get the best view over Zacatecas from the hill-top site of Cerro de la Bufa

Take a tequila tasting tour in the heart of Guadalajara

See more butterflies than ever before at the El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Reserve