Olkola people would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land in which we travel through and our partnership with Eastern Kuku Yalanji, Rinyiirru and Agnarra People Traditional Owners. Journey to the heart of Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula as guests of the Olkola people - the Traditional Owners of over one million hectares of biodiverse savannah woodlands, river systems, lagoons and rocky escarpments northwest of Laura. The Olkola regained control over their country in 2014 and will guide you on a unique journey to learn about the stories of their country, the uses of plants and animals, and their work as land managers to keep these pristine landscapes healthy. From your base camp at Killarney station you will venture out to special places, see the signs of an ancient Olkola culture etched into the rocks and trees. Enjoy spotting the abundant birdlife along the way before coming back to enjoy a hot shower, home cooked meals, billy tea and yarns around the campfire. Add in some amazing outback sunsets, serene forest streams and a new way of seeing the world though Aboriginal eyes and you have one of Australia’s most unique cultural and travel experiences.


- Join the Olkola people's long journey home, and help them preserve their culture and landscape by building a sustainable future through eco-tourism

- Be part of the rediscovery of almost two million acres of traditional Olkola land on a pioneering adventure, where every day can bring a new surprise or unpredictable encounter

- Journey through a living cultural landscape, an incredible environment that gains greater meaning through authentic experiences and authentic stories from the traditional custodians

- Their return to country helps safeguard the history and knowledge of the Olkola people and their lands – learn about the backbone of their culture firsthand