Where can you explore space without ever leaving earth? In Kazakhstan, of course! In the middle of nowhere on the dusty Kazakh steppe is the settlement of Baikonur, the seat of the Soviet – now Russian – space program and the site where, if all goes to plan, we’ll witness a live rocket launch. Beginning in cosmopolitan Almaty, join us on this one-off expedition through Kazakhstan, from the shrunken Aral Sea to the ancient city of Turkistan and the Silk Road portals of Sayram and Shymkent. Ready for a rare, fascinating adventure through one of the least-explored corners of the earth? 3, 2, 1, liftoff. 2017 DEPARTURES: As this trip is yet to depart for 2016 some itinerary changes may be made in response to traveller feedback. New departures have been added based around the 2017 launch schedule. This is, as always, subject to change. Please avoid booking flights until 2017 in case date changes are necessary.


Truly off the beaten track, Kazakhstan sees few travellers, especially outside Almaty and capital Astana. Feel the remoteness of Central Asia on this one-of-a-kind expedition

Visit dusty Baikonur, the hub of the Soviet – and now Russian – space program. Check out the Cosmodrome, the world’s oldest and largest spaceport, and witness a manned rocket launch

Explore the Aral Sea, which suffered environmental and humanitarian devastation in the 60s due to Soviet irrigation projects. Enjoy a homestay with local friends and meet those working with an NGO to restore the area

Discover the history and architecture of the Silk Road, visiting ancient mausoleums and mosques on guided tours in the cities of Turkistan, Sayram and Shymkent

Travel alongside locals and admire wild, sweeping vistas on epic train rides across the Kazakh steppe