Sweet chai, crispy aloo tikkis, fluffy naan – it is little wonder why Delhi is the gastronomic capital of India. Get behind the scenes of northern India’s food scene with the help of a local guide. From the fragrant marketplaces of the Old Town to the kitchen of a Delhite, learn traditional family recipes, prepare an authentic Indian dinner, experience local hospitality, sample tasty morsels from a street vendor and explore ancient historic sights on this Bite-size Break of Delhi.


Get right to the heart of authentic Indian food, the inside scoop on local life – from family to wedding traditions – and tips for whipping up a three-course Indian feast in under 30 minutes from a charming family living in the Delhi suburbs

Eat your way to a hidden part of Delhi that you’d never find on your own, swapping the clichéd curry for pav baji, schwarmas, momos and kulfi on a food crawl through the filling back streets