Rose-hued cities, time-worn desert forts and holy rivers – North India is the subcontintent’s showpiece, a place where ancient ruins punctuate peaceful countryside and everyday life is a riot of colour and noise. From the gleaming walls of the Taj Mahal to Delhi’s chaotic streets, India’s energy will leave you giddy with excitement and sporting a smile that’s wider than the Ganges. Spiritual, yet never afraid to entertain – the sites of North India are as alive as a crowded laneway, as vast as the Thar Desert sands, as humbling as a Varanesi dawn and as intricate as the Amber Fort. So give your senses a well-earned kick and delve into a North Indian adventure that ticks all the boxes.


- A chance to float among the clouds over Jaipur and watch an Indian sunrise from the basket of a hot air balloon as an optional activity

- The Taj Mahal is not only an sumptuous masterpiece of Indian architecture, but also a truly meaningful stop on any traveller’s journey

- Old and New Delhi fuse to create a city that pays homage to past empires, while wrestling with its modern identity

- Experience the wonder of camping on the banks of the Ganges near Varanasi.

- The world famous Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary is home to hundreds of bird species.

- The Rat Temple in Bikaner is a place even the squeamish will appreciate.

- India is famous for its great sleeper trains and you’ll be tucked up nicely in your own padded bunk

- Have the chance to take a guided camel ride into the sunset and sleep under the stars