From spice-filled bazaars to white sandy beaches, opulent palaces to rolling green spice plantations, discover India in all its glory on this well-balanced two-week adventure. Delve into a world of delicious street food, ride rickshaws through pulsing alleyways, stroll amid beautiful lakes and wooded hills, mingle with Mumbai merchants and explore centuries-old icons – Taj Mahal, anyone? Finish up on the shores of easy-going Goa, where yoga, cocktails and golden sands are all you need to chill out after the bustling big towns of India.


Discover Delhi, both new and old, with a walking tour of its historic walled heart and a rickshaw ride through the Chandni Chowk marketplace

Explore the incredible heritage quarter and circus-like Chowpatty Beach on a guided walking tour in Mumbai

Witness the one and only Taj Mahal. Seeing this Mughal marvel for the first time, in all its dazzling white marble, is a moment you won’t forget

Pushkar truly comes alive in November, so if the timing’s right, experience one of India’s most amazing festivals – the Pushkar Camel Fair

Goa may be a golden-sand beauty, but there’s more to life here than simply chilling by the beach. Tour an organic spice farm and gorge on a sumptuous Goan feast

Jaipur and Udaipur are two of India’s most delightful destinations. Take the time to stroll the enchanting, and very different, streets of these must-see Intrepid favourites

Travelling across India wouldn’t be complete without a journey on a sleeper train. With padded bunks and vendors selling chai and samosas, they’re a quintessential Indian experience and perfect for catching up on sleep while on the move