Journey Overland through the amazing lands of Nepal and India, taking in the colourful cultures, impressive icons and stunning sights along the way. Experience the very best of these two countries – from the busy cities filled with animated people, crowded bazaars and commercial enterprise, to the small, remote villages where a slow-paced rural life endures. Be awed by the immense beauty of the Taj Mahal, the warm glow of a Goan sunset and the displays of faith around every corner in Varanasi. Escape the heat in the cool climate of Darjeeling plantations, cruise the backwaters of Kerala, try to spot tigers and elephants in national parks and embark on an exciting safari into the desert. Mix with local children, pilgrims, market traders, tribal people and farmers, and see the heart and soul of India and Nepal in these proud people. This adventure delivers many moments of breathtaking beauty and thrilling fun – don't miss the chance to see the very best of Nepal and India.


Mix it up in Mumbai

Sleep under the stars in the Thar Desert

Laze on the beaches of Goa

Be impressed by the temples of Puri

Cruise the backwaters of Kerala

Dive into the chaos of Delhi

Look for elephants in the Royal Chitwan National Park

Explore the historic streets of Kathmandu

Get spiritual in Varanasi

Admire the exquisite palaces of Jaipur

Behold the beauty of the Taj Mahal in Agra