Tour India from Mumbai to Chennai. This trip is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. For starters you've got Mumbai, India's most cosmopolitan city. Then travel overland through the Western Ghats for a stay on the stunning beaches of Goa and head into the hills for a homestay in the tea and coffee plantations of Wayanad. Back on the coast, explore the lush waterways of Kerala's backwaters by boat, rounding the southernmost tip of India en route to the magnificent temples of Madurai. Finally, travelling through Tamil Nadu, pass through a part of the country many travellers never get to see before ending our Indian adventure in the bustling city of Chennai.


Meet the locals over a chai in Kerala

Learn of the stories behind the Kathakali dances

Discover Gallic influences in Pondicherry

Look out over the Indian Ocean from the sub-continent's southernmost point

Kick back on Goa's beaches

Experience the bizarre and the beautiful in India

Imagine the royal life in the Maharaja's Palace

Take up the challenge of a fiery fish curry