Launch into the ice-strewn wilds of Antarctica on this express adventure that will have you ploughing through the Drake Passage and taking the easy (air) route back. Cruise through the Beagle Channel before watching the mainland disappear and entering the wind-ripped waters of the Drake Passage - home to humpbacks, minkes and an impressive array of seabirds. Learn about the incredible richness of this spectacular environment, and the stories of the early explorers, through a series of on-board lectures. Spend time in the company of penguins and seals and be generally awed by the vast solitude of this immense region. With an included flight back to the mainland, this trip balances adventure and ease in one of the world’s most amazing natural environments.


Journey through the historic Beagle Channel, looking out for rare birdlife from deck with the help of your expedition team

A diversity of possible landing sites and activities allows you to see the spectacular Antarctic Peninsula from multiple perspectives

Few people ever get the opportunity to set foot on the Great White Continent, but you'll be one of them

Get up close to an incredible range of wildlife, such as minke, humpback and orca whales or gentoo, Adelie and chinstrap penguins, as well as seals and other seabirds

A polar plunge in the Antarctic sea is the most invigorating swim you're ever likely to take. Other optional activities such as sea kayaking can take your adventure to the next level, but book early, as these sell out fast

Flying over the famous Drake Passage from King George Island is the fastest, most direct way to travel back to the mainland