No matter where you’ve been before and what you’ve heard about the Galapagos Islands, a trip to the archipelago that inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution is always assured to impress. Birders will be enchanted by pink flamingos in the lagoons of Isla Floreana, Darwin’s finches in the Santa Cruz highlands and waved albatross at Punta Suarez. Beach boffins will be enthralled by the antics of California sea lions along Gardner Beach, the snorkelling to be had inside Devil’s Crown and the spectacular green shoreline of Punta Cormorant. And if it’s history you’re after, well this is where one man came up with an entirely different way to look at it.


Send a postcard to the jealous folk back home in Post Office Bay

Spy pink flamingos wading the lagoons of Punta Cormorant

Snorkel through the underwater wonderland of Devil’s Crown

Watch waved albatross taking off along Punta Suarez

Savour dramatic views of Cerro Brujo’s volcanic landscape

Do some beach lazing with the local California sea lions of Gardner Beach