Discover the rich marine life, abundant bird colonies and stunning landscapes of the Galapagos Islands on this 10-day tour. Feel the rush of a panga ride to Cerro Brujo, snorkel off the coast of Isla Espanola, discover the archipelago’s history on Isla San Cristobal, be mesmerised by the flourishing Scalesia forest on Isla Santa Cruz and visit a green turtle breeding zone on Isla Floreana. This is an adventure abounding in natural wonder, impressive vistas and rich history.


Quito is so much more than a gateway to the Galapagos. Misty mountain scenery, a heart-melting Old Town and world-class cuisine make this one of South America’s most dazzling destinations

Snorkelling in the Devil’s Crown is like nothing else. This underwater volcano – full of sea lions, turtles and rays – boasts some of the best snorkelling on the archipelago

This trip is one for the bird-lovers. Witness the albatross colonies of Isla Espanola and seek out the rare red-footed booby on Isla Genovesa

Gaze in awe at the largest trees in the Galapagos on a hike through Santa Fe’s Opuntia forest

Plant your feet on 100-year-old pahoehoe lava as you walk across Bahia Sullivan, perhaps spotting a marine iguana or two

An included visit to the San Cristobal Interpretation Centre fills you in on the archipelago’s geography, history, conservation projects and more