Suss out the sights and delights of Chile’s sophisticated capital with this short but sweet slice of Santiago. Uncover the buzzing bar scene, brush up on your salsa skills (Cueca brava) and then explore the city’s colourful neighbourhoods, historical monuments and stunning surrounds on a guided waling tour. Head up into the nearby mountains to spend time with a local Chilean family to taste, hear, see and feel the best of Santiago.


Take a bite out of hot Chile – discover cool local bars and typical tipples, then pick up a few salsa steps on an adventure through Santiago’s nightlife

Snack along the Santiago streets, through historic buildings, markets and colourful Bellavista, then sip mole con huesillo overlooking the city from San Cristobal Hill

Head out into the stunning Chilean countryside to rustle up some South American specialties – cook with a local family in their home with a view of the mountains