Get an invigorating taste of South America’s south on a trip that takes you from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. Let the sounds of samba, jazz and reggae wash over you and get swept up in the infectious energy of the locals. Stroll white-sand beaches in Rio, rummage through antique fairs in Buenos Aires and sample delicious culinary specialties wherever you go. In between these two vibrant cities, become immersed in spectacular wilderness - from the sprawling wetlands of Ibera to the astonishing Iguazu Falls, there’s a trove of natural beauty waiting for you. TRIP CHANGES FOR 2017: There will be some improvements to the Argentina & Brazil Adventure itinerary in 2017. In order to improve our trips we regularly review feedback from past travellers and our local operations team. As a result of that process, we've decided to remove the three nights spent at Arraial do Cabo and reduce the trip duration to 10 days. Most of our travellers tell us that they want more time to explore Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, so we have added an extra night in each city. We’ve also changed our destination in Ibera Wetlands to avoid long travel days. We will fly from Buenos Aires to Posadas and transfer to the town of Ituzaingo. A full day vehicle tour of Ibera Wetlands is included on Day 4, before continuing to Foz do Iguacu on Day 5. The 2017 itinerary will operate as follows: Days 1-2 Buenos Aires Days 3-4 Ibera Wetlands Day 5 Foz do Iguacu Day 6 Iguazu Falls - Argentina Side Day 7 Iguazu Falls - Brazil Side Days 8-10 Rio de Janeiro


Discover Buenos Aires, Argentina's sultry and sensational capital. Tour its best sights, then explore its many corners at your leisure, from the star-studded Recoleta cemetery to the tucked-away milongas (tango halls)

Cruise across the lush lagoons of the Ibera Wetlands in search of anacondas, otters, howler monkeys and a vast array of colourful birds

Relax on the beautiful beaches of Arraial do Cabo and take a boat cruise to the dazzling Gruta Azul (Blue Cave)

With included visits to Iguazu Falls from both the Argentinean and Brazilian sides, you'll get the most out of this jaw-dropping natural wonder

Finish in Rio de Janeiro, where you're free to stroll the sands of Copacabana, soar across town on the Sugarloaf Cable Car or delve into the city's festive nightlife