From the brightly coloured busy streets of La Paz to lush canopies of Madidi, indulge in equal parts activity and relaxation on this exciting five-day jungle adventure, deep within the Amazon. Take a motorboat up the Tuichi River, hike along the Tareche Trail, observe exotic birdlife, howler monkeys and peccaries on the Biwa Trail, or arm yourself with a torch and explore the jungle at night with a local guide. Learn about the jungle’s many medicinal plants, fish for piranha and chill out with a cool drink in your hammock.


The exotic wildlife of the Amazon is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Encounter white-lipped peccary, black spider monkeys or green and red macaws on guided walking tours and learn about the rainforest’s delicate ecosystems

Boat down the Beni and Tuchi rivers, passing through the breathtaking Bala Canyon

Night walks provide the chance to see illusive wildlife that only come out when the sun goes down

Witness animals bathe in mud and gather around naturally formed salt licks

Fish for catfish and float down the calm waters and occasional rapids of the Tuichi River in an inner tube