Jump onboard this Overland tour between two of South America's most iconic cities - Lima and Quito. Reaching along the back of the continent, discover places of immense natural beauty and explore regions off the tourist trail. From Peru's sparse landscapes to Ecuador's jungle clad mountains, visit the ancient city of Chan Chan, watch fishermen manoeuvre narrow reed boats in Huanchaco and opt to explore the towering Andes by horseback or by foot. With plenty of flexibility to choose the adventures that best suit you, this Overland journey is the best way to discover this iconic stretch between Lima and Quito.


Discover Lima's character-filled plazas

Marvel at the surfing fisherman of Huanchaco

Walk through the crumbling remains of South America's oldest pre-Columbian city

Stare up at the once mighty Temples of the Sun and Moon

Soak up the sun in Punta Sal

Tour a Panama hat factory

Relax in Banos - famous for its hot springs

Camp out in the heart of the Amazon Jungle

Wander the cobbled streets of Quito